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Firstly if this isn't aloud (I did check the userinfo) just give me a shout and I'll delete this post straight away, no hard feelings.

I thought some of you might be intrested I run a community about Matthew Newton, it's (as far as I know) the only active community on livejournal dedicated to Matt. I would love for more people to come, join and share the matthew love.

If you intrested, </a></b></a>mnewton_fans

Leaving LiveJournal

Hi all,

It seems I am not interested in LJ anymore and I never had time to read the others and no one cares about reading my LJ and no one cares to add me into their LJ.

So, this is my last entry and I am gonna say goodbye to this LJ.

Byebye xx

Just feel like sharing my excitement.

I'm so excited!!!  I've never read the book before, but have been dying too.  I'm the type that likes to buy my books so the local library's copy simply wouldn't do.  Anyway, it seems like they're rereleasing the book in the US on May 9th.  Can't wait!  Now if only they'd release a DVD...
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Hello everyone, im new and i read Looking for Alibrandi about 3 months ago for a book report. And i LOVED it!!! Looking for Alibrandi is definitely my new fav book! I would love to see the movie, but where i live i cant find it anywhere. Anyways, i just wanna say, thanks for making this community for the book :)

im new!

Hello, Im new and I live in Sydney Australia. I really like the book Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca so decided to join this community. I hope its ok coz I couldnt find any rules/regulations about who could join... so... hi!! :)

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im facing quite a dilemma....im from texas and i have only seen LFA twice on Bravo or WE or Oxygen or something......i love the film, but i do not have a region-free dvd player and i have no money and the bloody things not available for download anywhere.....i was wondering if anyone had it on their comp, maybe they could send it to me or at least give me a heads up on showtimes that would be quite nice, thnx...
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I've just finished watching Alibrandi for what must be the bazillionith time and I was wondering if anyone here wanted icons made from it. I feel like making some, but I don't really have any ideas, so any requests? I can also make icons from the Weir and Teenager of the Year film clips as they are included in the bonus features...

I always thought it was really cool how Pia Miranda met Luke Hanigan when filming the clip for Teenager of the Year and they are now married, that kind of stuff always makes me smile.

I have one icon I made ages back if anyone wants to use it:

Please credit messicats_icons if you do use it and like everyone, I love comments! Feedback is always wonderful =)
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This community looks a little dead but I decided to join anyway.
It looks like alot of you here are Australian,I am not.I live in Florida in the U.S.I'm 20,been an Alibrandi fan since 16.
The only way I ever got a copy of Looking For Alibrandi was by asking my bookstore to order it and having to spell it out for them.."A-L-I-B...."
I love the book,I have read it several times in the 4 years since I got it.I got my boyfriend to read it once.I've only seen half of the movie on television and haven't had the money to order the dvd yet..I have a region free dvd player so hopefully it will play when I do get it.
I even named my cat Josephine Alibrandi,I got her the same month that I got the book.JosephineCollapse )
Nice to see others who love this book:)