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I've just finished watching Alibrandi for what must be the bazillionith time and I was wondering if anyone here wanted icons made from it. I feel like making some, but I don't really have any ideas, so any requests? I can also make icons from the Weir and Teenager of the Year film clips as they are included in the bonus features...

I always thought it was really cool how Pia Miranda met Luke Hanigan when filming the clip for Teenager of the Year and they are now married, that kind of stuff always makes me smile.

I have one icon I made ages back if anyone wants to use it:

Please credit messicats_icons if you do use it and like everyone, I love comments! Feedback is always wonderful =)
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aww this def reminds me of the part of the movie that always chokes me up!! but it is a delightful icon =)
Yeah, I cry there EVERY time I see it and I've seen it SO many times over the years.Glad you like the icon =)

Was your user name inspired by the movie?
!!! Hi messi! I came across this community by chance, I'm looking for screencaps because I want to make some icons. Do you have any screencaps? Or do you know where some are? Thanks!
Still after screencaps? I can email some to you, lemme know...
Wow, I'd totally forgotten about this :D Yeah I'd love some screencaps, thanks! ♥
Ok, so I've had a look and all I've got are video clips. Were there any scenes you wanted? I can cap them tonight.
Oh, don't worry about it! I haven't seen it for ages so I couldn't pick out particular scenes. Don't go to the trouble ^___^ Thanks anyway though!
are you aware (in your icon) that norrigton is not a prince?
Yeah, but Jack Davenport is a sexy man and a great actor and he looks great so it really doesn't matter